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Charlie Brown Community Day Care Center is the original child care center in this community. The goal and purpose of quality child care with reasonable prices remains consistent. Charlie Brown is a child nurturing center that promotes physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth for children. A play-based curriculum is used for the preschool program. Services include care for mildly ill children, care for special needs children, infant and toddler care and various classes.



West Town

Monday - Friday 5:30am to 7:00pm Saturday 6:30am to 6:30pm
2 weeks to 12 years of age

East Town


Monday - Friday 5:30am-6:30pm
2 weeks to 12 years of age

Lake Town

Monday - Friday 5:30am-6:30pm
2 weeks to 12 years of age



West Town (641) 424-0065
East Town (641) 423-6029
Lake Town (641) 357-7277


Charlie Brown InfantA quality program for infants is a warm, nurturing, interesting, reliable, and stimulating environment, while at the same time providing secure and dependable setting and routines. Our goal is to support the growing autonomy and increasing skills and competencies of infants as they develop. 
Infants receive care from Caregivers who understand and enjoy their physical, emotional, cognitive and social explorations and experimentation. To meet the needs of each growing child, communication between caregivers and parents is of primary importance. We believe that continuity between home and center provides a child with the sense of security and enhances his or her development. 
It is our goal to meet the needs of the whole child. For the child's physical development we provide nutritious meals and snacks. We offer safe equipment for both large and small motor development. We also provide many opportunities for cognitive development by offering a variety of teacher initiated activities.
Charlie Brown is offering tuition-based Preschool classes for 2011-2012.
Classes begin August 30, 2011. To be eligible for Preschool, your child must be:
  •  3, 4, or 5 years old by September 15, 2011
Preschool information:
  • Tuition is $275.00 per month
  • Limited enrollment with a $20.00 registration fee
  • College Degreed Staff/Certified Teachers
  • Classes designed with Creative Curriculum, Quality Preschool Standards Training (QPPS), and Quality Rated Standards (QRS) Breakfast and lunch included
  • Child Care available from 5:30am to 6:30pm with an additional cost
Charlie Brown PreschoolThree Locations
  • Washington Charlie Brown Preschool, 326 4th St NE, Mason City - 641-423-6029
  • Lake Town Charlie Brown Preschool, 7 B So 8th St., Clear Lake - 641-357-7277
  • West Town Charlie Brown Preschool, 600 1st St. NW, Mason City - 641-424-0065 
Financial Assistance Available with qualifying income.
Dear Families, 
We would like to welcome you to our Preschool Program. Our Program is from 8:30-12:30, Monday through Friday, with no additional costs for those enrolled during our child care hours. We have Preschool rooms: ages 2-3 years, 3-4 years, & 4-5 years. The child’s room placement is determined by the child’ birth date of September 15th. 
Each room has a college degreed staff with at least 15 hours of child care training. Each staff is certified in First Aid, Infant, Child, & Adult CPF, and Universal Precautions.

Our Preschool curriculum is a play based and creative curriculum of learning. Play helps a child learn about her/himself and what she/he can do; learn about others; and learn about her/his environment. Play helps to establish friendships and helps to express feelings. We incorporate Creative Curriculum from Quality Preschools Standards Training combined with “All About Preschoolers,” and environment based curriculum developed for the Iowa Quality Rating Scale, for our curriculum. Each week we center around one main theme with activities that teach the seven domains of learning: language & literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social skills, the arts, and small & large motor skills. 

Each month we send home a brief newsletter and calendar describing what your child will be learning and any additional information you will need to know for that month. Three times during the year we will be sending home a checklist on your child’s development: fall, winter, & spring. We offer conferences at these times as well. We will also be collecting projects throughout the year for a portfolio to show your child’s growth. 

In order to enhance each individual child’s development, a variety of experiences are planned. We have several special events throughout the year such as holiday parties, seasonal musical performances, Grandparent’s day, spring play, science fair, and graduation. Field trips are planned through-out the year as well as community member presentations. 
Our Preschool program has an open door policy and we encourage you to visit as much as you wish. We believe that the key to developing a program for young children is frequent communication between parents and center to benefit us all. 

We believe that a quality program for young children should promote and maintain growth in self-worth of each child. It is our goal to help the children in our care to become caring human beings.
Charlie Brown DaycareWith busing to all public schools
A quality program for school-age children should be a comfortable, relaxed, environment and provide experiences to complement each child's home and school life. It is our primary goal to provide a warm and caring environment for the children, with a variety of educational and recreational opportunities. 

Communication between home and center is an important factor in developing a quality program and should coordinate home, school, and center routines as it develops a close relationship between center staff, children, and families. A daily schedule is established so that children and parents know what to expect from the program. This schedule can be flexible enough to allow for spontaneity and changes in the program for field trips, music, group sports, and games. Quiet periods and space and time to "do nothing" are important. Children usually choose from activities in an open classroom setting. Indoor and outdoor activities provide a balanced program. 

A safe and healthy environment is a primary concern of the staff. When purchasing materials and equipment, safety as well as usefulness and durability, are taken into consideration every time. School-age children are encouraged to think about the responsibility involved with using certain materials. 

Charlie Brown DaycareOur summer school-age program offers a variety of recreational activities along with stimulation to learn about new ideas. Opportunities are created to allow the children "hands on" experiences outside the center. Community resources and programs are utilized to their maximum. 

The program is designed to provide children with:
  1. A curriculum that promotes self-esteem and positive self-image; social interaction; self-expression and communication skills; creative expression; and problem solving skills.
  2. A balance of active and quiet activities; individual and group activities; indoor and outdoor activities; and staff-initiated and child-initiated activities.
  3. Activities which promote both gross and fine motor development.
  4. Experiences in harmony with the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the children.  
Get Well Center
  • 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • $4.00 Per Hour
  • Limited Spaces
  • One hour notice required
  • Care for mildly ill children
  • Registered Nurse on Staff Daily

Charlie Brown Child Care offers a Get Well Center that is open to the public. Children 6 weeks to 12 years old who are mildly ill are cared for in a State Licensed environment with the supervison of a Registered Nurse. 

Parents who call to enroll their child must provide information of the illness symptoms. The registered Nurse will assess the child's condition and determine the care of Get Well. One hour notice is required. 

Your child will receive individualized care from a Registered Nurse in a cozy space where your child will be comfortable. Activities are available if the child's condition allows such as quiet games and movies. 
Admissions Procedures
  • Children will be admitted regardless of age (up to 12 years old), race, sex, or creed.
  • Parents must give at least one hour notice to the Get Well Center.
  • The child must be brought to the Get Well Center by the parent or guardian in order to fill out the necessary forms.
  • The nursing staff will make a physical assessment of the child upon admissions including child's weight and temperature.
  • Allow 30 minutes for parent communication and completing necessary forms.
  • Nursing staff will make final decision of allowing care in the Get Well Center. 



Address 1: 600 1st Street NW #108 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA, USA 50401
Address 2: 700 N. Washington Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA, USA 50401
Address 3: 7B South 8th St. Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, IA, USA 50428